Here is a list of the top 10 most frequent questions we are asked about small engines and the services we offer.


What fuel mix should I use in my 2-stroke engine? (air cooled chainsaw, trimmer, etc.)

Essentially the only fuel mix for all modern engines is a 50:1 ratio. For example, mix 5L of premium gasoline with 100ml of 2-stroke engine oil. We offer a wide range of 2-stroke engine oils and fuel additives in-store.

Never use mixed fuel in your 4-stroke engine as it may result in damage. Make sure to check your 4-stroke oil often using the dipstick.

Do you have a spark plug for my _____ engine?

Yes we do. We have them both in-store or can order any spark plug for any model of our main brands. 

Do I need to make an appointment for service?

No appointment is necessary - please call us beforehand if you know what parts you need, or simply bring in your equipment anytime to have it serviced.

How do I know what chain size my saw takes?

The information for chain size will be stamped onto the bar. Check for the bar length, number of drivers, distance between drivers, and driver gauge. We carry all standard chain sizes for Stihl, Husqvarna, and Oregon. We can also make up any size chain as required.

Which file size should I use for my chain?

As a rough guideline we commonly recommend 3 sizes of file based on your chain:

Small saws (30-40cc) with 3/8" low profile chain use 5/32" file

Mid-size saws (40-55cc) with .325" chain use 3/16" file

Larger saws (60cc and up) with 3/8" full size chain use 7/32" file

Please note individual manufacturers may suggest slightly different file sizes for each chain size.

What size trimmer line should I use?

For tap-and-go styles: 

Curved shaft use 0.080" gauge line

Straight shaft use 0.095" gauge line

Commercial or larger straight shaft use 0.105"  

Rapid-loaders can be fitted with almost any line gauge

How long is the repair time and expected wait to have my repairs completed?

Repair times vary greatly by season and we experience our highest volume of repairs in the spring. To avoid delays and ensure the fastest repair time possible, we recommend to bring your engine in for service between December and February. If you have a deadline or urgent repair please call and we will do our best to service your engine promptly.

Do I need safety equipment? What safety equipment should I be using?

When operating any piece of power equipment - even a lawnmower or trimmer at home - we recommend a minimum of earmuffs or earplugs for hearing protection and safety glasses for eye protection. 

When operating a chainsaw for home or commercial use, we strongly recommend full protective gear including chaps, helmet with visor, gloves, boots, as well as the standard ear protection and eye protection. We have a large selection of safety equipment in-store.

What kind of warranty is offered on new units?

Homeowner units come with a minimum 1 year warranty for manufacturer defects. 

Commercial units come with a minimum 90 days warranty for manufacturer defects.

We service everything we sell and offer a manufacturer warranty on all new units. It is not necessary to return your unit to the manufacturer under warranty as we can handle it in-store. Please bring in your engine under warranty and we will repair it - if the damage is not covered by warranty we will notify you and can repair it at shop rate.

How do I go about choosing which brand to buy?

We frequently have equipment come in for repairs from inexpensive brands - unfortunately it often simply cannot be repaired, the repairs may be more than the equipment is worth, and have long wait times for replacement parts to arrive. Sadly the typical outcome we see is owners deciding to abandon or scrap their inexpensive equipment because of its shorter lifespan and increased financial burden for maintenance. For these reasons we stand by our motto: "There is no substitute for quality".

We only sell quality brands and want our customers to be well educated about what they are buying so they can be empowered to purchase a machine built to last. A little bit of research can go a long way into finding the right machine for your needs, and we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.